Aloha ...

Officiant Euta Lightsy

Born and raised in the islands, Officiant Euta Lightsy has grown up around the customs and culture of Hawaii. Officiant Lightsy is 34 years old, originally from Hau’ula, Oahu, now residing in Wailuku, Maui. “My culture is my passion! Being able to share my passion with you on your special day is my pleasure! This island of Maui harbors such a deep and rich history that often goes unnoticed by many of the guest that visit here. Allow me to create a unique experience for your ceremony by sharing with you what the people of Polynesia truly care for, our family, our history and culture and this land we call Hawaii.”

Rev. Tino Rosette

Born and raised on the beautiful Island of Maui, Rev. Valentine (Tino) Rosete truly represents the spirit of Aloha.
Tino, having been ordained through New Passion Ministries and having been a dedicated family man for many years, has built his life upon a foundation of love and devotion that is matched only by his commitment to providing the most heart-felt wedding ceremonies.  Whether presiding over a large ceremony or simply joining a couple in matrimony on a secluded beach, Tino approaches every interaction with the individual attention and respect that it deserves. And though he’s married hundreds of happy couples with his Non-Denominational Christian ceremonies, he continues to treat every new ceremony as a new chance to pour his sincerity and passion into every word he speaks. Tino feels truly blessed to do what he does, and he derives no greater pleasure than in the sharing of his faith and his Aloha spirit.

Rev. Julienne Givot

Rev Julienne doesn't consider what she does a job but a calling that pulls all the best parts of who she is into her ceremonies; Fairy Godmother, Priestess, Comedian, and Guide. She's been celebrating weddings, blessings, and vow renewals for over 20 years. After customizing the ceremony to her couples to honor their beliefs and personalities, she holds the space for them to experience all the truth and beauty of the moment all while speaking from the heart. She is a student of Hawaiian culture and deeply respects the land, people, and traditions of the beautiful place she is blessed to call home.
She is warm, generous, and embodies an aloha spirit that serves as a magnet for crazy-in-love couples with incredible stories.